Why I’m Attending the Black Alumni Reunion: Michael Goode ’06


I grew up in the Richmond, VA area and I always knew two things – I was going to college and I was going to do something technology related. So when it came time to decide where I was going to college, I had settled on going somewhere that had a great business technology program, great reputation, and wouldn’t break the bank. VT met all of those qualifications and more. I was amazed at the size of the campus and how many people were there on my first visit to Blacksburg. I was also very impressed by what the Pamplin School of Business had to offer with respect to my career interests during my visit as well.

I had a great experience during my time at VT. Not only did I make many lifelong friends and leave with many great memories, I also got a tremendous education. I majored in Business Information Technology and started a career in IT audit and governance after graduating in 2006. I currently serve as the Director of IT Risk and Compliance at Amtrak.  I am responsible for leading our national IT audit, risk, and regulatory compliance programs.

I am excited to attend the reunion in April. Aside from re-connecting with old friends, attending reunion events, and going to the spring game, this is a great chance to re-engage.  I think it is very important to come back to campus to share our story, support and advocate for current students, and do all that we can to make sure that current and future students have an even better experience than we did. Only we can make that a reality through our engagement and participation. I look forward to seeing you there!




michael goode 3
Student African American Brotherhood at 2006 Black VT Graduate Student Awards Dinner



michael goode 2
Me and mother at VT Graduation 05/2006


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One thought on “Why I’m Attending the Black Alumni Reunion: Michael Goode ’06”

  1. Great piece! I am one of those lifelong friends he gained along the way and it has been a pleasure and a blessing to able to call him my brother! I am the shortest guy in the Student African American Brotherhood picture above

    Go Hokies!

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