Why I’m Attending the Black Alumni Reunion: Traci DeShazor ’07


I always knew Virginia Tech was the school for me. As I think back on my initial visit to the breathtakingly beautiful campus, I recall my group exiting the bus and being immediately greeted by students, who without hesitation began sharing their experiences. As I listened to them, I just knew that Tech was my school.

You see, something happens when you travel to Blacksburg. There’s a certain calm that comes over you that’s indescribable. Each time that I’ve been fortunate enough to make the trip down 81, that feeling has consumed me. It’s seeing the “VT” beside Lane Stadium. It’s the way the breeze passes through your hair as you cross the Drill Field. It’s hanging out in the Black Cultural Center in Squires and meeting your closest friends for London broil at West End. It’s seeing the pride radiate from members of the Corps of Cadets as they cross campus in their crisp uniforms. It’s discussing current events over breakfast and watching a probate in front of Deets. It’s just…Virginia Tech.

As I think about traveling to Blacksburg in April for the 2016 Black Alumni Reunion, it’s all of those things. It’s just Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech; the place that cultivated my interest in politics and current affairs. It’s the place that gave me some of my closet friends [Shout out to: Lori Green, Lanessa Brant, Ashley Carson, Solana Vander Nat, Ashley Anderson, Brittany Yates, Celeste Young, and Adina Young]. It’s the place that gave me a space to be me and question and reason and grow. It’s Virginia Tech! That’s why I’m attending the 2016 Black Alumni Reunion. I hope you will consider your why and meet me there!


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